Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

Opening your album with an argument concerning the details of Morrissey singles is a good thing - it shows a real appreciation of music.

Whenever I think of great song-writing Heartbreaker comes to mind. Every single track is an emotive masterpiece. Oh My Sweet Carolina makes me want to develop a southern accent (much like Lucinda Williams' drawl) something chronic. Before embarking on Call Me On Your Way Back Home Adams draws a breath in which you can feel the weight of the impending music bearing down. It's all so pure - unmarred by heavy production. This is the Ryan Adams I'd lose my little finger to see live in a tiny venue.

Second listen and I just can't bear to turn it off.

Might be wrong but it sounds like it's cut to tape too. mmmmm... juicy juicy tape.

The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur

The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur

Ma Fleur is a beautiful album to be sure, but don't buy it with the expectation that you'll be hearing more of The Cinematic Orchestra you used to know and love. Gone are the hyped up jazz rhythms, sweet softly spoken melodies seem to have held a coup during The Cinematic Orchestra's absence.

It's all very ambient and mellow. In fact, there a only a few tracks that actually have a beat at all. As The Stars Fall is probably the most traditionally Cinematic song on the album, though Breathe - which features Fontella Bass familiar to us from Everyday's All That You Give - isn't too far behind and it's an exceptionally lovely piece of music too.

I can't fault the album really, other than to say it's not like anything they've done before - like that was ever a bad thing.

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