Robopop: The Return

Robopop: The Return

For some reason I randomly downloaded three tracks off this album - I have no idea why (maybe I was low in emusic credits at the time). The three I picked all seem to be girl, or at least girl fronted, electro groups. And that's three more super cool sounding electro girl groups to investigate.

Dragonette sound like an electrofied Cardigans vs Waitresses. Robots in Disguise's Turn It Up is an expression of their love for their influences, from Teaches Of Peaches to The Smiths and Ping Pong Bitches' Rock Ya Body sounds like one of the better Britney productions.

After listening again I'm not sure which track I like most. They're all quite different and all very strong. Strong enough that I'm heading back to emusic to buy the rest of the album.

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