Enoch Light - Persuasive Percussion

Enoch Light - Persuasive Percussion

At first I thought this was going to be kind of cheesy but I think that's just the vibe I often get from latin beats (like SeƱor Coconut). I left it for far too long before finishing listening to the whole thing. It's actually really good (it makes me smile) - and would surely have been exceptionally original at the time of it's release. I mean hell, it is a covers album after all, I'm bound to find something I like in there. At the moment it's closing track, Brazil, that's really doing it for me.

I never really knew much about Enoch Light but apparently I really have a lot to thank him for. Not only was he a pioneer of stereo effects (in a time when most recordings were still done in mono) but he also created the gatefold album sleeve. The gatefold album sleeve! One word, legend.

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