ESG - A South Bronx Story

ESG - A South Bronx Story

I didn't look at the year on this album when I first listened to it. I had my suspicions (the first track, You're No Good, has a distinctive Joy Division vibe going on) that it was old but in all honestly if you had told me that it came out this year I'd have believed you without batting an eyelid. It's precisely what so many bands are trying to sound like now - and this lot had it sorted in 1981.

Hey, I've heard that sound in UFO before - it's been ripped for a modern track that I just can't think of right now. Actually, there are lots of little bits in here that I'm sure I've heard sampled all over the place.

Indie funk rock stripped down to the bare essentials. What a great sound - makes me want to get up and dance.

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