Where did we go wrong....?

So I finally made it Brazil. Actually, I've been here for about a week now but I've been very busy soaking up the sun and playing my new guitar.

The race over was eventful to say the least. Too little education + spinnakers = much disaster. Ripping kites (the size of four storey buildings) is one thing, having them take control of your boat (broaching) is a whole other kettle of fish. Anyhoo, we got here in the end and most people got back on the boat (though... not the skipper). Some of the damage to the boat has been repaired and I'm optimistic about the team's chances for the next leg. (good luck everyone!)

The real bad news is that through carelessness my iPod is now descessed. It was full of the many albums awaiting attention in my inbox. I got through some of them but nowhere near as many as I'd hoped to. That cloud has a silver lining though - I'm in Brasil, and the music here is great so I shouldn't run short of material.

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