Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings

Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings

The moment I arrived back in London after my travels I asked my friend, Will, to give me a big musical dose of the new and interesting. This was the second album on the stereo. Now I'm hooked. Currently sitting on the train back from Bristol trying to jam as much of this stuff into my head as possible before the Dan Deacon gig at The End tomorrow night. I can't wait, looks like damn good geeky fun.

Synths running arpeggios, fat basslines, catchy hooks all bashed together in wonderfully cohesive poly-rhythms. And let's not forget the sing-a-longs for the whole family (which seem to be the basis for the live gigs).

I guess, to most it's just noise (though I'm not going to presume to know what's going through the head's of the masses). Wham City has it all covered (12 minutes long, you gotta let it build). If you ain't got it by the end of that pearler, well, I guess you never will.


Gig of the year

You really couldn't top the performance Dan Deacon put on at The End last night. Actually, it's not Deacon so much as the crowd that make it great - somehow he's just the have-fun-catalyst. Having said that, that crowd were particularly cool - I met some lovely folk down there.

He had tag team dancing going on and that wedding dance thing with two lines of people with their arms up and everyone passing underneath. Of course, he finished with Wham City. I want to see him again... right now.

Whilst wondering home at 4 in the morning I noticed that I was actually skipping (believe me that's not normal). Magic.

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