the Axis of Cool - at the Telegraph

the Axis of Cool - at the Telegraph

This one is pretty close to my heart. It happens to be full of tracks that I love - that's not surprising really... given that I was involved in making it. It's basically the perfect mix for me; country, electro, pop, house, dnb, metal, everything really. A friend and I spent almost a year twiddling with knobs and dials in our respective countries sculpting a mix that we could really enjoy. There's something in there for everyone and something in there to offend most everyone (63 tracks 38 minutes).

I was reminded of it the other day after I meet someone who had been enjoying it of late. It was nice to listen to it again. It's great having a taylor made mix. Head over to the axis of cool to check it out - go on, find that moment in there that you really hate...


and for the trainspotters...

Sailor’s Hornpipe MIDI, -
Fred & Renee Make Love - , Angelo Badalamenti
Signs of Life, Pink Floyd
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Livin’ on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
I Believe in You, The Final Cut
Arthur Dotwieler Interview, BFM
The Killing Moon, Echo and the Bunnymen
Sting Me Red, Who da Funk
Enter Sandman, Metallica
Smells like electro, dsico
MTV Unplugged Samples, Nirvana
My Prerogative, Bobby Brown
My Prerogative, Britney Spears
Seven Bridges Road, Dolly Parton
Weird at My School, The Pixies
Ace of Spades, Hayseed Dixie
Freestyle, Disco D with Lola Damone
Gimmie Head, Disco D with DJ Deeon
Body Moving, The Beastie Boys
Ghosts and Goblins Theme, -
Let’s Dance, David Bowie
Triumph of a Heart, Bjork
Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix), Le Tigre
You (Better Let Me Love You x 4) Tonight, Richard X
Music, Madonna
Candy, Riton
As Heaven is Wide, Garbage
Beat It (guitar solo), Eddie Van Halen
Self Help Relaxation Tape, -
I See Girls, Studio B
Girl Talk, FYA
Girls, Prodigy
Girls girls girls, Salior
E.V.A, Jean-Jacques Perrey
Stand Up, Ludacris
Martenot Waves, Meat Beat Manifesto
Work It, Missy Elliot
This or That, Black Sheep
Are You Mad?, Black Sheep
The Passion of Lovers, Bauhaus
99 Problems, Jay Z
Let Me Fix My Weave, Missy Elliot
Beat It, Michael Jackson
911 Is A Joke, Public Enemy
Fighter, Christina Aguilera
Fighter (Freelance Hellraiser Thug Pop Mix), Christina Aguilera
Live Sample, Billy Corgan
Arnie Prank Call , eBaum’s World
Star Trek Theme, Leonard Nimoy
Country Grammar, Nelly
In Da Club, 50 cent
This is the New Shit, Marilyn Manson
Stigmata, Ministry
Blazing, Tali
Tainted Love, Gloria Jones
Tainted Love, Soft Cell
Hide You, Kosheen
Don’t Fade Away, Dead Can Dance
My Michelle, Guns n’ Roses
Teardrop, Massive Attack
Whitey’s on the Moon, Gil Scott Heron
Computer Camp Love, Datarock

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