Lonski and Claßen

Lonski and Claßen

This sound is a hard one to throw a label on. I guess you can kind of think Whitest Boy Alive on shedloads of valium or maybe Sparklehorse on uppers. It's beautiful and oh so gentle. As are their videos.

I saw them play at the Goldmund Festival though I'm struggling to remember what they were playing... machines, guitars and drums I think. It would be stupid to point out that there are two of them in the group (it's late at night and my brain is going).

Listening to it again I simply can't pick a favorite but I Could is the most accessible track; hopefully that should serve to get everyone hooked.

Mi and L'au - Mi and L'au

Mi and L'au - Mi and L'au

I'm not sure why/where/when/how this album came to my attention. The male singers voice is really familiar, maybe that's the association and I just can't pick it. Beautiful orchestration - I bet it's a BigBang/National Bank affiliated project (one of those Norwegian groups).

Not exactly melancholy, warmer than that - certainly very sparse. It almost feels like sitting in a conservatory. It's not raining - but everything's too wet to go outside - not that you mind though... 'cos the fire's on and it's cozy in here.

Ha! I just had a look on t'internet. Turns out that it's a couple who have locked themselves away in a cabin in the woods in Finland. It's probably fair to say they've managed to portray the atmosphere of their existence nicely then!

'Tis a lovely bit of work.

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