Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball

Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball

What a voice. I can't believe anyone could possibly sound this good in a live performance. Seriously, it's absolutely flawless. I've never listened to her stuff before so I have no idea how it compares to the studio work but it's probably worth a listen.

For the most part the music sits quite happily with it's little safe hat on. It's nice enough but there's nothing original/inspirational happening (aside from the vocals). It's girl music really - the crowd is full of screeching 15 year old girls soaking up their idol.

Stand out track would have to be Fear. It's one of the more downbeat ones but her voice really shines.

If I were a 15 year old girl I'm sure I'd worship this.

Smog - Knock Knock

Smog - Knock Knock

These guys sound a lot like one of my favourite Wellington bands, Dana Eclair. Americanaish with more of a rock edge. Flaming Lips quality to the singing.

As I listen to this I'm watching a guy on the opposite train platform from me. He's very drunk, leaning against a pole, threatening to topple into the path of an oncoming train at any moment. The scene really suits the song (Held).

Healthy mix of downbeat and upbeat tracks. Lots of handclaps, I like handclaps. The final track, Left Only With Love, is absolutely beautiful though rather sad. Reminds me of Candy Says (VU). I have no idea why Smog aren't huge.

Mansun - Six

Mansun - Six

This is kind of like a big rock opera in a way. It's a very cohesive work with all the right elements. Long dramatic songs flow seamlessly into each other. That kind of makes it a concept album I guess.

There are lots of great lyrics tucked away in here - "I'm emotionally raped by Jesus, but somehow I'm still here" (from Cancer). Beautiful. In Fall Out we get to enjoy Tchykovsky rehashed into something resembling a breaks/hip-hop track. Don't worry, It's done tastefully.

I get hints of Air's Virgin Suicides every now and again in the more atmospheric moments, though I think this work is probably older, no? Yep, by a year - must have been the flavour of the moment.

Deep and varied, a poetic masterpiece. One of those works that deserves an attentive listen from start to finish.

I'm going to love this one, I just know it.

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