Aphrodite's Child - 666

Aphrodite's Child - 666

Before Vengelis was famous for such classics as the Blade Runner Theme he helped to put together one of the classic prog-rock concept albums. I guess this is probably what made him famous in the first place.

The whole thing is based on The Book of Revelation. I'd heard The Four Horsemen on a mix cd some time ago - man, it's a hot track.

A couple of other things jumped out on first listen. Have I heard The Seventh Seal and Seven Bowls sampled by Enigma? Maybe not sampled but it sounds mighty familiar.

I haven't attacked the second disc yet but I'm told it's a hard listen. We'll see.

Mansun - Six

Mansun - Six

This is kind of like a big rock opera in a way. It's a very cohesive work with all the right elements. Long dramatic songs flow seamlessly into each other. That kind of makes it a concept album I guess.

There are lots of great lyrics tucked away in here - "I'm emotionally raped by Jesus, but somehow I'm still here" (from Cancer). Beautiful. In Fall Out we get to enjoy Tchykovsky rehashed into something resembling a breaks/hip-hop track. Don't worry, It's done tastefully.

I get hints of Air's Virgin Suicides every now and again in the more atmospheric moments, though I think this work is probably older, no? Yep, by a year - must have been the flavour of the moment.

Deep and varied, a poetic masterpiece. One of those works that deserves an attentive listen from start to finish.

I'm going to love this one, I just know it.

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