Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull

Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull

It's pretty hard to classify this stuff. I purchased a couple of tracks from their singles Center Stage and Sweat after one of the American lasses I met at the Dan Deacon gig pointed me their way. I think of it as a kind of cliché retrospective look at 90s dance music with all the emphasis on having fun. You remember those pianos right? They also incorporate more recent elements from electro music.

At about 3:40 Center Stage descends into an acid rave mashup... before it forgets itself again and slips into distorted digital noise.

They haven't really released a whole lot yet but they're definitely one to watch out for over the next year. I'm picturing one of their live gigs as a place to be.


That cover looks like

That cover looks like something off The Mighty Boosh

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